Our newsletters built a coalition to leverage our collective voice.

While some children who work in NY are part of an established union, such as SAG-AFTRA (film and television) or Actor's Equity Association (stage), the majority of are not. Therefore, unlike teachers, sanitation workers, or law enforcement, most child performers do not have a union to look to advocate on their behalf. Here are some of our newsletters, written over two and a half years, that help build a coalition to leverage our collective voice.

New Child Performers Regulations Take Effect Today!

And They Lived Happily Ever After . . . The End. The much anticipated New York Department of Labor Child Performer regulations have been adopted and become effective today, April 1, 2013. These regulations interpret the broadly written Child Performer Education & Trust Act of 2003 that gives the NY DOL authority to regulate child performers and productions that include children.

New Proposed Child Performer Regulations Have Been Filed!

The New York Department of Labor has filed their new proposed regulations for child performers. As you read through the new proposed regulations, you will note very positive changes. We encourage you to review the proposed regulations in their entirety. For a pdf of the proposed regulations, please click here.

The New York Department of Labor Child Performer Regs are DEAD

The New York State Department of State confirms that the Child Performer proposed regulations have EXPIRED. The NYS Department of Labor did not adopt their proposed regulations by the March 26th deadline nor did they file to extend their time. Although technically, Labor can refile the regulations, this seems unlikely given Governor Cuomo's recent announcement.

Child Performers Invited to Press Conference at NY State Capitol

This Monday, February 6th, the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) and the Administrative Regulatory Review Commission (ARRC) will release a report that shines a light on the regulatory process in New York State. Child Performers have been invited to attend.

Backstage Article ~ BizParentz, Child Performers Coalition, MPAA, and Actor's Equity are quoted.

What a difference a year makes. Last January, the New York State Department of Labor sparked outrage over its proposed new regulations for child performers. In a series of contentious hearings, the proposals were pummeled by producers, agents, union representatives, and parents, who

The year long wait is over, Labor's Proposed Changes Are In!

For over a year, the New York Department of Labor has held the child performer community and entertainment industry hostage to their gross incompetence as a regulatory body. Without sweeping changes, their reckless proposed regulations would jeopardize the well being of over 6,000 child performers and negatively impact about 500 production companies

Recent Pedophiles in Entertainment

Jason James Murphy Just over three weeks ago, the LA Times broke a story about Jason James Murphy, who was convicted and sent to prison in Washington State for five years for the kidnapping and child molestation of an 8 year old boy.

Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal & the NY Labor Regs

The lurid details of former Penn State Coach Sandusky's alleged serial sexual abuse of little boys spanning decades has left an indelible mark on our nation and the world. As a life long child advocate, I am horrified but not surprised ~ even a little bit.

Labor Reg Update. New Website. Feature ~ Health Exams

In advocacy, there is always a balance between "stirring the pot" and "laying low." After the New York State Department of Labor's end run around the regulations process ~ secretly asking a lawmaker unfamiliar with the pending regulations to sponsor a bill to reduce the number of permits required to one per year ~ we all wondered what was next.

One Year Permits, Proposed Regulations, Labor Talks & What You Can Do

On July 20, 2011 Governor Cuomo signed into law the Bill extending the validity of the New York Child Performer Permits to one year. This Bill was not proposed at the start of the New York State Legislative Session in January when it would be reasonable for a "cost saving" measure to be proposed, as some have suggested.

ACTION ALERT! Ask Governor Cuomo to Veto Labor Bill that Hurts Child Performers.

New York State Assembly Bill (A7630-2011) is on its way to Governor Cuomo's Office to be signed into law extending child performer work permits from the required six month permit to a one year permit and, in so doing, removes the only two protections child performers are afforded under current law ~ academic and financial well-being.

1035 Pages of Discovery Finds Lack of Labor Leadership

A scarcity of leadership, a lack of stakeholder inclusion, a sophomoric approach to information gathering and processing, reliance on unchallenged anecdotal evidence, and little attention to detail resulted in a set of regulations that, if adopted, will make New York the most dangerous state for child performers and the most restrictive for productions.