Thank You!

A huge debt of gratitude goes to The BizParentz Foundtation and all those who signed our petition, wrote letters, spoke at the Labor hearings, made calls to media outlets, provided legal counsel and offered your support in more ways than we can count. Finally, heartfelt thanks goes to Deputy Labor Commissioner Pico Ben-Amotz who understood that each entertainment industry works under distinct conditions, that productions are cost sensitive, and that child performers are a unique and vital part of New York's workforce and deserve our thoughtful protection.

Email us!

Although healthy Child Performer regulations are now in place, we are still committed to keeping kids safe. You are welcome to email us at As always, your most important resources are Anne Henry and Paula Dorn at The BizParentz Foundation, who have been leading the charge in child performer advocacy in California and nationwide for over 10 years. Their support, guidance and insight have been immeasurable and, for that, we are truly grateful.

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